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Welcome to ootiboo

Welcome to ootiboo

Featured project: eCo: Connect

Connecting schoolchildren with the changemakers of today, in order to give them a voice and inspire them to be the changemakers of tomorrow.

eCo: Connect

Our vision

ootiboo sees creativity as much more than just painting and drawing. It's imagination, problem-solving and innovation.

Using creativity as a vehicle, we design fun, engaging ways for children to connect to a diverse range of topics including financial learning, empathy, and ecology. Our aim is to inspire, encourage personal development and nurture well being.

All our projects are free to schools and families at home.

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Our Projects

Connect with your creativity through ootiboo play via a range of fun projects for school and at home.

Some projects are tailored to schools (KS1, KS2 and KS3) with National Curriculum links to help guide subject leaders, while other activities and competitions are designed for all ages.

Become an ootiboo school

If you are a teacher in primary or secondary school, find out more about our free project resources, workshops and opportunities for schools in our dedicated teachers' area.

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Supporting ootiboo

If you like what you see, why not support ootiboo and help us grow? From individuals to companies, we are building a network of passionate people who care about creativity, well-being, mental health and want to invest in our kids' future.

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