About Us

Our roots & the people bringing ootiboo to life

Our story has really only just begun - but there is already plenty to share, from the projects that formed the foundation for ootiboo, to our team and the partners bringing it all to life.

Angus Cameron
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Creating inspirational projects for kids
Kathleen Schroeter
Co-Founder & CEO
Building relationships for ootiboo to grow
Hendrik Wantia
Co-Founder & Cool Dude
Sharing knowledge through experience
Ina Filla
Co-Founder & Head of Research
Exploring the science of creativity
Michelle Tasker
Project Lead
Shining the light on creative opportunity
Amanda Angus
Content Manager & Word Spinner
Telling the story of ootiboo and keeping everyone in line
Andy Wright
Teacher & Practitioner
Inspiring kids to change lives and make a positive difference
Sarah Bates
Partner In Crime
Sharing the joy of reading for fun with kids
Roger Beaty
Scientific Advisor
Leading research to quantify the value of creativity
Hannah Merseal
Research Coordinator
Studying cognitive neuroscience research into creativity